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Service Options

We offer our services in a variety ways that will meet the needs of your company and employees.  Each service line may be used alone or with other services. 

Pricing is based upon the number of staff employed.


Our consultants are able to review your business and develop processes to improve employee retention and customer experience.

Expert Speakers

Our Consultants have a variety of expert knowledge gained from years of experience. Their expertise ranges from healthcare quality to motivating employees.

Process Improvement

Our Consultants are trained and skilled in using proven techniques to improve processes to cut cost, boost employee engagement, and enhance customer experience.

Shared Governance

Shared governance is a technique used by many hospitals to improve employee engagement. This concept can be used in a variety of companies with positive results.

Leadership for the Generations

Successfully leading employees from different generations is more important than ever in our lastly changing world.  Understanding the differences,motivators, and desires of each generation allows leaders to connect with each employee as an individual.

Health Care Quality

Understanding what to watch for, what is a normal process, and how to become your own advocate if hospitalized, is an important and vital way to help your employees feel safe and in control.

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Service Options

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Consulting Service

1 year Retention Focus

1 year Customer Experience

1 year Retention & Customer Experience

1 year Retention, Customer Experience, & 2 Process Improvements


Process Improvement

Improve 1 process
Improve 2 Processes
Improve 3 or more processes


Expert Speaker

1 hour session

2 hour session
1 day
Multiple Days